The Problem is….

Posted: September 27, 2019 by Jonathon Kosec in acts 2 church


I know I haven’t posted for a bit.  There aralot of things this ex-full-time-in-the-parish pastor has on his mind lately, but chief among them are the thoughts that continue to rattle around in my head.  This has been coming for some time, so bear with me.
Ever since I was little, somewhere about age 7, did I realize that all of my Catholic friends had priests, nuns, saints, and their parents all in the way of what the Bible had to say about Jesus.  Being introduced at a young age to Lutheranism, which at the time was more of a “we’re not Catholic” as a doctrinal base, I could not help but see that in some way, my friends were being forced to buy into a system where others told them what to believe and what to think about faith.
It never seemed to occur to them that they were free to simply sit down and let the Bible speak to them directly.  How can we expect anyone to know the words of Jesus and how He intended them to be utilized if you never have had the opportunity to read them yourself?  How is it that you would ever have the Spirit embrace your thoughts as the promised Comforter that He is?  Is there a reason that human beings always put themselves between others and God?  Is there a reason that they are prevented by the system from looking God directly in the eye and sitting on His lap to have Him sing us love songs written for us?


If you cannot tell directly, let me make it plain.  In my humble and bumble humility there is no reason to have anyone or anything be my intermediary with God except

Christ.  His work is sufficient.  Any attempt by any so-called church or clergy borders on the ridiculous.  They don’t get the bigger picture.  A picture of Jesus being the one God sends to redeem us all from the hypocrisy of sin.  Now it is up to us to line up behind Jesus.  Mind you, just Jesus.


Not someone else.  Not the way the world would have us do it.  This is so revolutionary, and freedom filled, I am beyond belief that archaic systems of oppressive religious thought which maintains denominations and hierarchies that make the system, not the Savior, the way of faith.


I cannot for the life of me understand why the church of all things perpetuates itself with the false flag of religion when they completely are looking the other way from the path Jesus suggests.  Did He not come to announce the Kingdom of God was at hand?  Did He not heal the broken, the blind, the lame, and raise the dead?  All so that we could build repressive structures devoid of any hint of the Gospel?


Consider a world that would enact and ultimately live by the message of Jesus.  A world that would not be forced to endure the harsh realities of church structures that only care about self-preservation and not proclamation.  A world that would follow the example Jesus sets in the New Testament.  Maybe more people would be coming to hear a message like that instead of leaving behind the example of the self-absorbed mainstream denominational church.


Maybe the essence of our foolishness is to simply be guided by Jesus.  Period.  I’m in.  You?


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